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Intuitive Consultation


I do intuitive readings without the use of any tools or aids, unless requested.  I am an intuitive empath that works from a claircognitive and clairvoyant standpoint.  I work with my guides as well as yours to help you make sense of your life.


I have a "spiritual counseling" style that gives you clarity.  My goal is to provide you with information that authentically moves you forward.  I specialize in helping you integrate your feelings and experiences with additional insight.


My favorite focus in a reading is paranormal and supernatural experiences and connections.  I love to focus on the multidimensional aspects of your life, helping you ground this information and move further into your purpose.      


I also do many Empath Support readings where I help you workshop your own empathic tendencies and psychic abilities in your daily life as well as your spiritual practice.     


Intuition training and workshops are also available in groups and one-on-one.  I also love doing Meet Your Spirit Guide group sessions!


Come with an intention for your session as well as any questions!


I do readings via phone, Skype, or in person at my Nashville studio.  

Past Life Regression Nashville

Regression Sessions


I use a unique form of regression hypnotherapy that allows you to connect with exactly what your spirit needs.  This could include past-life regression, spirit guide meetings, integrating/remembering experiences, inner child healing, mediumship, and soul journeys with unlimited possibilities.  I also do psychic development regressions where you learn how to deepen your own connection.


We all contain everything we need to heal ourselves.  I facilitate the process that reminds you how to tap into your own source and heal yourself.  My regression hypnotherapy sessions embody a form of psychic self-contact that expands into your daily life, allowing you to exist in ever higher realms of spiritual health, connection, and purpose.  I hear often that after a session, renewed purpose, connection, and inspiration are opened up in the client.  


My life purpose is to help others reconnect with their purpose and innate spiritual abilities.  I just open the way as you lead yourself into exactly what you are looking for, and the process reminds you how easy it is to give yourself the healing that you seek.


See my blog posts for more information on my spiritual philosophy and experiences!

Intuitive Consultant Olivia Nashville